Throwing an engagement party is a special and memorable moment on the road to marriage. For a truly unique experience, Manakin Flowers, the event florist on the French Riviera, welcomes couples with the most inspired proposals for floral arrangements and themes for the engagement party. Here are our top 10 themes for a truly memorable celebration of your engagement on French Riviera in 2024

    1. Enchanted rose garden: Transform your location into an enchanted garden decorated with roses in pastel shades. Floral arrangements with roses and hydrangeas will create a romantic atmosphere, and delicate aromas will complete the moment of the marriage proposal.

     2. Party under the stars: If you dream of beautiful blooms for events, opt for a party under the starry sky, with candles and strings of lights. Our flower arrangement proposals with white hydrangeas and orchids will add an elegant and romantic touch.

     3. Romantic picnic on the beach: A romantic and elegant theme for an outdoor event. Organize your engagement party with a special bouquet of white lilies and red poppies, which will bring freshness and color to a natural setting.

     4. Gala dinner in the garden: Host an elegant evening under the moonlight in a lush garden. Choose landscape floral arrangements with orchids, carnations, and eucalyptus to create a sophisticated and colorful setting.

   5. Pool party: A modern and relaxed theme for water lovers. Our peonies and chrysanthemum arrangements will bring fresh and vibrant air to this tropical setting, and your significant other will be pleasantly surprised by this original idea.

     6. Retro party: Go back in time with a retro party, your significant other will surely appreciate the gesture. Our arrangements of vintage roses and phalaenopsis orchids will add a touch of elegance and nostalgia.

    7. Cupid party: Inspired by Greek mythology, this theme is based on eternal romance. Choose bouquets with red roses and freesias, which symbolize love and passion, and try to create a fairy-tale atmosphere.

    8. Butterfly-themed party: You definitely haven’t heard of such an engagement party theme before. Floral arrangements with tulips and lemon blossoms will bring a playful and vibrant touch to the decor.

    9. Vintage boho party: The perfect combination of bohemian and vintage style. Use floral arrangements with chrysanthemums and lavender to create a romantic and elegant yet non-conformist setting.

    10. Travel-themed party: For adventurous souls, a travel-inspired party will create a special sensation. Choose floral arrangements with jasmine and pastel-hued flowers, evoking the essence of exotic destinations.

     Regardless of your chosen theme, Manakin Flowers offers flowers for engagement proposals and custom flower arrangements, bringing beauty and elegance to every special moment. Turn your engagement on the French Riviera in 2024 into a memorable event with beautiful flowers and symbols of your romantic feelings. For more details, contact us today at phone number +33 78 66 00 498 or +33 64 74 41 358, and we will take care of your engagement party!