At Sonya and Victor’s wedding, we created a true paradise of vibrant and lively colors. All the colors of the rainbow were found in our vivid and lively floral arrangements. Both the couple’s table and the bride’s bouquet were composed of Roses of various varieties, carnations, and abundant Dutch Hydrangea flowers in shades of pink, red, blue, orange, yellow, beige, and lilac. All this beautiful madness of colors was matched with the green of plants in an extremely rustic setting, in the heart of nature, where the wedding took place. The flowers flooded the decor with scent, freshness, and extremely vivid shades, giving an air of luxury and richness to the entire event. We combined the floral arrangements with colorful candles to complete the effect of abundance and color. It was an unforgettable event at Golf Club Saint-Tropez.

We specialize in wedding planning on the French Riviera, with a focus on creating beautiful floral arrangements and decor for weddings.