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Burgundy Peonies are very popular for elegant floral arrangements but also just by themselves in mono bouquets (that come in all sizes, by the way). No wonder, as they are heavily petaled, have a lovely fragrance, and a size impactful flower. Discover the enchanting allure of rich, red burgundy Peonies that represent passion, elegance and charm. Gifting a bouquet of Burgundy Peonies is like expressing ardent love, with a touch of luxury. Imagine the joy and emotion the recipient will feel as they receive this symbol of sophistication and refined taste. These deep wine-coloured Peonies make more that beautiful bouquets; they deliver a heartfelt message that turns any moment into a memory to be cherished.

Kindly be aware that the availability of our flowers is subject to seasonal changes, and the selection may vary based on what is accessible at the time of your purchase. In instances where specific flowers are unavailable, we will substitute them with the nearest alternative to maintain the overall aesthetic. If crafting the exact bouquet you’ve requested is hard or impossible, we will promptly contact you to initiate a discussion on the best solution.

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From: 120,00 TTC