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A captivating blend of pink Roses, burgundy Roses, burgundy Dianthus, white Snapdragon, white Roses, burgundy Celosia, and unique olive green accents. This 60-65cm diameter bouquet has a rustic charm, infused with vibrant burgundy hues and special touches from the olive green flowers. The carefully chosen color palette expresses romance, evoking a sense of dreaming.

Order the “Vibrant Rhapsody” bouquet from Manakin Fleurs et Décorations, your trusted florist delivering to the enchanting region of Saint Tropez.

It’s important to note that our flower collection is influenced by the seasons, and the assortment is based on what is currently obtainable when you place your order. In situations where certain flowers are unavailable, we’ll gladly substitute them with the closest alternative to maintain the desired appearance. If, for any reason, the creation of your chosen bouquet is unattainable, we’ll reach out to you promptly for a consultation and together we’ll decide what is the best combination for your bouquet.

Diameter 60-65cm

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400,00 TTC