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This wonderful bouquet is named “Sweet Elegance,” specially crafted for special occasions. It features beautiful flowers, including white Hortensia, pink expression Roses, pink Hortensia, nude rose mentha, and pink Peonies. With a diameter of 35-40cm, it’s a perfect size for spreading joy and love.

Imagine giant Roses in shades of white, coral, and pink stealing the spotlight, along with refined and pure white Peonies. The entire bouquet is adorned with subtle tones of pale pink, combined gracefully with white. “Sweet Elegance” is not just a bouquet; it’s a romantic floral arrangement designed to add a touch of beauty to your special moments.

Please keep in mind that our flowers are seasonal, and availability may vary. If certain flowers are unavailable, we will substitute them with the closest alternative to keep the bouquet’s aesthetic appeal. If any changes are needed, rest assured, we will promptly contact you for further discussion.

35-40cm diameter

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150,00 TTC