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This amazing bouquet is called “Provence Wild.” It’s a big bouquet of spring flowers, and it’s really impressive! Picture this: the bouquet is one meter wide, and it’s filled with colorful, beautiful flowers. There are pink Peonies, white Peonies (Mother’s Choice), purple Delphinium, Snapdragons, blue Hortensia, and fuchsia Roses. The colors are so pretty – there’s light blue, dark blue, lots of white, pale pink, and raspberry. The flowers are all different lengths, creating a kind of wild and chaotic look, but in a super beautiful and surprising way. It’s like nature went a little crazy and made something incredibly lovely. So, if you want to make someone feel really special, this “Provence Wild” bouquet is the perfect choice. It’s like giving them a piece of a magical spring garden, all bundled up in a big, stunning bunch!

Please be mindful that the availability of our flowers is subject to seasonal fluctuations, and the assortment may depend on what is accessible at the time of your order. In situations where specific flowers are not obtainable, we’ll replace them with the closest alternative to maintain the overall aesthetic you desire. If, for any reason, the creation of your selected bouquet is inexecutable, rest assured, we’ll reach out to you as fast as possible for a thorough discussion.

The diameter of the bouquet is 1m

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1050,00 TTC