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This special bouquet is called “Pretty Love” It’s a bouquet of lovely flowers designed just for you. Imagine a burst of color with big coral Roses stealing the show, accompanied by smaller, beautiful light violet Lisianthus and very delicate white Roses. The bouquet has a diameter of 35cm, making it a perfect size for any celebration.

The “Pink Expression” Roses really catch your eye with their vibrant coral hue. The Lisianthus adds a touch of charming light violet, while the small white Roses bring a fine and delicate elegance to the mix.

Kindly be aware that the availability of our flowers is subject to seasonal changes, and the selection may vary based on what is accessible at the time of your purchase. In instances where specific flowers are unavailable, we will substitute them with the nearest alternative to maintain the overall aesthetic. If crafting the exact bouquet you’ve requested is hard or impossible, we will promptly contact you to initiate a discussion on the best solution.

35cm diameter

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130,00 TTC