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Experience sheer elegance with our “Melissa” bouquet! Made of White Hydrangea, pink Hydrangea, Roses Pink Expression, orange Roses, green Lysianthus, and pink Snap Dragons, this exquisite arrangement boasts a lavish 65-76cm diameter, promising opulence and charm. Express your affection or enhance any special occasion with this luxurious blend of snap dragons flowers and Roses flowers. Embrace the sophistication and grace with bouquet delivery from Nice to Cannes.

Please remember that the availability of our flowers is subject to seasonal variations, and the assortment may rely on what is accessible at the time of your order. Whenever specific flowers are unavailable, we will substitute them with the nearest alternative to maintain a balanced composition. If, by any chance, the bouquet you’ve selected cannot be crafted, rest assured, we’ll get in touch with you for a personalized discussion and you’ll receive the best option available in season.

65-76cm diameter

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370,00 TTC