Le Beauvallon event

Manakin Fleurs et Décorations had the honor of participating in the season-opening event of the stunning Le Beauvallon venue in the bay of Saint-Tropez. This beautiful location, known for its unique charm and stunning architecture, was the perfect backdrop for our custom flower arrangements. Le Beauvallon is a place for artists and dreamers, full of elegance and joy. It is where every period leaves a mark, and every guest leaves with a story. An event at Le Beauvallon is a chance to be creative, enjoy true art, and add your chapter to its history.

For this event, we were tasked with creating floral decor that complemented the sophisticated design and architecture of Le Beauvallon. We used a palette of bright and vibrant colors to bring a touch of elegance to the wooden tables and metallic structures. Our goal was to blend the natural beauty of the flowers with the luxurious ambiance of the venue. We selected a variety of flowers, including vibrant Roses, lush Snapdragons, and delicate Dahlia, to create arrangements that were both eye-catching and refined.

One of the highlights was our unique arrangement of flowers in citruses on a wooden table, a design that has gained lots of popularity. This arrangement featured fresh flowers carefully placed inside halved citrus fruits, adding a burst of color and a fresh fragrance to the setting. The combination of the bright citrus hues and the soft petals of the flowers created a visually stunning and aromatic centerpiece.

Our florists worked meticulously to ensure that every detail was perfect. We incorporated various textures, such as lush greenery and delicate blossoms, to add depth and dimension to the arrangements. The result was a composition that was not only beautiful but also harmonized perfectly with the elegant surroundings of Le Beauvallon.

The overall effect was a vibrant and sophisticated summer tablescape that captured the essence of the French Riviera. The bright colors and fresh fragrances of the flowers brought the outdoor spaces to life, making the event truly unforgettable.

As the featured event florist for this prestigious venue, Manakin Fleurs is now recommended for all events and weddings planned at Le Beauvallon. Our team’s expertise in creating stunning floral designs ensures that every event is decorated to perfection, enhancing the beauty and sophistication of this exclusive location.

The event was organized by the renowned London agency, My Studio Collective, and beautifully captured by Faye Wilde Photography.

At Manakin Fleurs et Décorations, we pride ourselves on being the premier event florist on the French Riviera. Our dedication to quality and creativity in floral design makes us the perfect choice for any occasion. Let us transform your event with the beauty of French Riviera flowers and exquisite decor floral.