Lancome Product Launch

Lancome Product Launch was an elegant event that we, as an event florist on the French Riviera, decorated in pure white, light pink, and cool shades of pink, bringing a sense of sobriety to the entire occasion. We used many white Roses and created immense bouquets with special refinement, delivering our expertise in wedding flower arrangements and decor. We adorned the table, floral arch, and the entire event space with pale-colored Roses, showcasing our skills as floral designers in Cannes, Monaco, and other locations along the Cote d’Azure. This event was held at the most famous hotel in Provence, La Bastide de Gordes.

Combining royal tableware with delicate chandeliers, crystal glasses, and tall white candles, we designed everything to reflect purity, cleanliness, and elegance, showcasing our capabilities as an event florist in Saint Tropez. We paired royal chairs with exceptional tableware, creating a setting with lots of natural greenery for a fresh and harmonious feel, delivering beautiful blooms for events.

In a castle setting, under an intensely blue sky on a sunny day, our floral arrangement told a unique story for the launch of a unique product, adding a touch of romance to the event.

We, as a decorator for events in Saint Tropez, Nice, and beyond, were delighted to be part of the event that was as serious and significant as it was delicate, refined, and special.