Welcome to the magical world of Manakin Fleurs et Décorations, your go-to event florist on the beautiful French Riviera! Picture this – flowers that turn regular parties into super awesome celebrations. We’re like artists, but instead of painting, we use flowers to make birthdays, christenings, and cool-themed parties look beautiful.

Guess what? We work in fantastic places like Saint Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, and more. Our flowers bring joy and lots of colors to all sorts of parties – picnics, weddings, and even special events like christenings.

Manakin Fleurs et Décorations isn’t just about flowers; it’s about making your special day extra, extra special. Come join us in the magical world of flowers and fun! We’re the event florist for Monaco, Cannes, Saint Tropez, and the lovely Provence region, creating beautiful blooms for all your events.

Lancome Picnic

In Provence

Taisiya Birthday Party

At Maybourne Riviera

Birthday Party

In Saint Tropez

Sicilian Party

In Nice

Lancome Product Launch

In Gordes